12 Popular Types of Websites

The web is vast. So far, there are billions of websites online, competing for a portion of the public’s attention to their online browsing every day. When you start a new website, it can be great to think about all the other websites out there.

But it is helpful to remember that you have many different types of sites trying to accomplish different things in this large number of websites. When considering building your website, consider carefully what kind of website you want to build. When you can reduce the goals and setup you have in mind, you can more easily motivate other websites in your category. Can find

Below are some popular types of websites you can find around the web. Although there is some overlap between different categories, each website usually has specific goals to achieve and has its own best practices. What will your website be looks like?

  1. E-commerce website
  2. Business website
  3. Entertainment website
  4. Portfolio website
  5. Media website
  6. Brochure website
  7. Nonprofit website
  8. Educational website
  9. Infopreneur Website
  10. Personal website
  11. Web portal
  12. Wiki or community forum website
E-commerce website
From an e-commerce website, people can buy products directly. You have used many e-commerce websites before, most of them are big brands, and there are many small websites.

If you are learning how to start a website for your business and plan to sell your product through the site, you need to create this website. When building an eCommerce website, you want to take some special steps to include. , Such as investing in e-commerce software and ensuring you get your SSL certificate so your customers can pay securely. And make sure that your web design and copy are designed with the core purpose of the site in mind: to sell.

E-commerce websites/portals can be an extension of your existing business or something around which you can build a new business.

Business website
A business website is a website dedicated to representing a particular business. It should be marked as a business (same logo and positioning) and discuss the types of business and professional services.

By now, every business should have a website. This is great hope. Every potential user you encounter will assume that they will find a website if they search Google for more information on your business.

Entertainment website
If you look at your internet browsing habits, you might think about some of the websites you visit for purely entertainment purposes. They can be funny websites like Onion, Web Comics, or interesting entertainment or interesting content websites like Fun.

Most of these sites aim only to make money like business and e-commerce websites, but usually through advertisements shown on this page instead of selling specific services or products.

If you want to start a professional entertainment website, you can find many options for the formats you can take. You can create funny or informative videos, write entertaining blog posts, draw comics, or create fun quizzes.

Since there are so many entertainment sites out there, you should take some time to figure it out and work to find the audience you need (and even more time and money to start working). Yes, if this is your ultimate goal), but if you get ideas for creating content, you think people will find Fun, and get that content out into the world. An entertaining website is a great way to go.

Portfolio Website
Portfolio websites were developed to show examples of past work. Service provider4. Portfolio website
Portfolio websites are websites dedicated to showcasing examples of past work. Service providers who want to show the quality of their work to potential customers can use the portfolio website to collect the best examples of past completed projects.

This website is famous for creative professionals and freelancers hired on a demonstration skills basis and maybe a more effective alternative to a website with a similar focus.

Media website
Media websites collect news and other reporting. Media websites are more likely to include pieces designed for entertainment in addition to or instead of entertainment content. This category includes sites such as CNN, BBC, Washington Post website, Slate, and Inc.

Media websites usually make money through advertisements that appear on the site, subscription models, or a combination of both.

Many media websites are online branches of media properties that are often available in other forms, such as print magazines or TV channels, and newspapers, but some are only online.

Brochure website
A brochure website is a simple form of business websites. For businesses that need an online presence but don’t want to invest heavily in it, a simple brochure website with few pages will outline your work and provide contact information.

Brochure sites were more common in the early days of the Internet when businesses knew they needed a website and expected that they would not rely on it for success. Now that the Internet is a big part of how people research and find what they need for every product and service, most businesses recognize that they need something competitive.

If you have a business and don’t need a marketing tool for your website that brings a new business, you will need something else like an online business card. The brochure’s website can then run.

Nonprofit website
Just as businesses need websites for their online presence, so do nonprofits. A nonprofit website for many potential donors to donate will be the first place that many people will learn more about the nonprofit and decide whether to support it. Want.

Suppose you have a nonprofit to start or are considering. In that case, creating a website for your nonprofit organization is an important step in proving your legitimacy and reaching as many people as possible. You can use it to promote your organization’s plans, encourage followers to take action, and accept donations.

Educational website
Websites offering educational institutions and online courses fall into the category of educational websites. These websites’ main goal is to provide educational materials to the visitors or provide them with information about an educational institution.

There will be advertisements on some educational websites such as entertainment and media websites. Some shopping subscribers offer shopping models or educational products. And some work on the online presence of an existing organization.

Infopreneur Website
Infopreneur websites are a bit more than business and e-commerce websites, but they represent a unique online business. Victims develop and sell information products. This can be in ebooks, tutorials, courses, or videos.

Whatever form it takes, entrepreneurs need their website to build an information brand to convince visitors to buy their educational products. Know enough – and work to sell these products.

To sell information for some products securely, they will need some eCommerce website tools, including an SSL certificate and a merchant account. A lot of information products should also be invested in e-commerce software to make it easier for visitors to choose and purchase the ones they are interested in.

Personal website
All websites make money somehow. Do not exist A lot of people find it important to create a personal website to add their ideas to the world. This category includes personal blogs, blogs, and photo diaries shared with the world. This category includes vlogs, photo diaries, and personal blogs, and people share with the world.

Sometimes these websites can turn into something that can make them money if they become popular and the owner who started them wants to change that, but they are their friends, and It’s a way to share your feelings, insights, and art with strangers. Be interested

Creating a personal website is easier than other websites listed because it has less purpose. You want to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Some simple templates or easy-to-use website builders need to achieve something that satisfies your desire to share.

Web portal
Web portals are often websites created for internal purposes in a business, organization, or institution. They collect information from different sources from different places so that their information can be made accessible to the people. These often include login and personal views for different users to ensure that the information they receive is most useful to their specific needs.

Web portals will usually include more sophisticated programming and design than the other websites listed in this list, so make the most of your time to consider skilled and experienced web programmers.

Wiki or community forum website
Most people are familiar with wikis through one of the most popular examples here: Wikipedia. But a wiki can be created on any topic you can imagine. Wiki is any website where multiple users can collaborate on content, and all make their adjustments and changes when they see fit. There are wikis to gather valuable resources for fan parties, business resources, and information.

Starting a wiki can be quite easy, especially if you choose to use existing software or a wiki site builder instead of building a website from scratch. This option is most meaningful if you need to organize the available information and resources in a place where you want to reach others.

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