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Computers and the Internet have made a lot of things possible that seemed impossible a few years ago. The average person never imagined that a new age of communication would come in which a person could easily communicate with other people sitting thousands of miles away. With the invention of electronic mail, it has become possible to communicate with anyone in any part of the world. But what is the secret that gives life to the modern form of communication known as email? There is something that works to keep this so-called email alive in the world of the Internet, and what is it? Something called email hosting.

Email hosting is something that can be interpreted as the technique of hosting email servers. Like any other website hosted on a webserver to be live on the Internet, the email also needs a host to be live on the Internet and an email server on the Internet. This is called email hosting. This is a great way to establish your own identity and is suitable for multiple users who have authenticated email addresses as their domain name. Companies that provide hosting services to such companies are known as email hosting providers.

Basic understanding

Since there is a huge potential for email exchanges, contacts, calendars, online meeting scheduling, etc., between different companies, hosting email can be a very attractive choice. EmailCompanies often provide email hosting with a wide range of server resources, and various organizations offering this type of service. Email hosting companies automatically protect their clients, their email accounts. At the same time, they are responsible for maintaining their server’s consistency on which all email accounts are protected. This is a typical company that provides email hosting to store its users’ email archives on its server. Since email service is a service that is always up and running on the Internet, email hosting companies also need to make sure that their servers are always up and running.

The purpose of this service is primarily to provide cost-effective email hosting solutions to businesses that cannot afford to spend their valuable resources and time to build internal communication infrastructure, nor is the root cause behind it. This means that never-ending recovery can increase the cost and likelihood of virus infection and other software and hardware issues.

Benefits of Company Email

The hosting company has various advantages in outsourcing your communication needs, some of which are listed below.

Secure Webmail Access: Access to unsecured webmail, email hosting companies typically equip their servers with industry encryption, which is 128-bit, and remains active throughout the entire webmail session. This means that the complete transfer and transfer of data from the server are completely encrypted when the user signs in. It is a proven security protocol source and, therefore, cannot interfere or compromise sensitive messages in any way.

Secure IMAP and POP Access: Nowadays, more and more businesses prefer email hosting solutions because their use is securely accessed to desktop email clients via POP or IMAP. All communication traffic is encrypted, including all data transmitted from the email client to the mail server for authentication, including usernames and passwords. Almost all popular mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Aurora, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc., have the support of all well-known hosting providers, and most importantly, BSD clients and Linux as well. Pocket PC and PDA also provide support. . An email hosting plan ensures the efficient and secure management of your email online or offline.

Proper storage space: When you sign up for an email hosting account, a strong storage amount is provided for each mailbox. Some providers offer storage space in GB while in some MB, whatever the limit, all hosting companies often provide storage space that is more than enough to store thousands of important messages. Is. As flexible as the hosting plan is, it allows users to upgrade or lower the storage limit easily.

Shared Address Book: This is a very positive feature that many email customers have as it offers the user a more convenient option to stock data for easy use and retrieval in the future. The majority of private and shared address books are offered by email hosting service providers that come with access to public network directory services. The shared address book can easily be used with any mail client that supports LDAP directory services in most cases.

Spam and Virus Filtering: Potentially harmful communications are blocked before an email hosting plan with spam and virus filtering features attempts to access the network. In this case, the host’s SMTP gateways integrate anti-virus scanners, and spam is treated in various ways. If your email hosting service provider is truly genuine and trustworthy and prefers to keep spam emails out of your network, they will use various filtering methods to get rid of spam. These filtering methods can be green listing, whitelisting, and blacklisting. These methods allow configurations that automatically send sperm to the quarantine folder instead of your email folder.


Choosing the right email hosting service provider can be a bit of a critical task as there are many factors to consider beforehand, such as the size of your organization, good technical support, etc.. However, a little depends on your needs. It is always advisable to research, analyze them, compare them with various hosting plans offered by reputed companies and make the best choice according to your needs. Electronic mail has now become a one-day communication method that can overcome all communication barriers to an individual. If you can no longer dominate the communication network internally, it is important to consider email hosting as a basic option.

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