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Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework. This allows you to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for cross-platform development, avoiding each mobile platform’s native development language. Applications operate on each platform within the targeted wrapper and rely on API restrictions by the standards for access to each device’s sensors, data, and network status.

Use the cartridge if you are:

  1. A mobile developer wants to expand an application across multiple platforms without re-implementing it with each platform’s language and toolset.
  2. a web developer wants to deploy a web developer and a web app packaged for distribution across different App Store portals.
  3. A mobile developer interested in mixing local application components into WebDool (browser window) that can access device-level APIs (Application Programming Interface), or if you want to develop a complete functional plugin interface between local and WebView components Want.

Development Paths

The simplest way to set up an application is to run the Cordova command-line utility, also known as the command-line interface (CLI). (To install CLI, see the command line interface.) Depending on the platform you want to target, you can rely on the CLL for more shares during the development phase. Are:

  1. In the most basic scenario, you can use CLL to create a new project that is settled with the default layout for you to edit.
  2. You can also use CLI for many mobile platforms to organize the additional project files needed to compile each SDK. For this to work, you need to install the SDK of each target platform. (See the Platform Guides for instructions.) As indicated in the Platform Support Table below, you may need to run CLI on different operating systems depending on the target platform.
  3. For supported platforms, CLI can compile viable applications and run them in SDK-based device emulators.

For comprehensive testing, you can also create application files and install them directly on the mobile device.

During development, you can also rely on platform-related SD tools at any point in the development cycle, providing a much better set of options. (See the Platform Guides for details on each platform’s SD toolkit.) If you want to implement a hybrid app that incorporates web-based and native application components, the SD environment Is more appropriate.

You can use the command-line utility to initially build the app or then use the SDK tools to feed the updated code. You can also create the app’s configuration file yourself.

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