Desktop or Web Based Application

When companies and businesses discuss their team and project management topics, we often hear about managing project management software. When talking about this topic, they are usually to use the package – desktop or web-based?

The number of questions that arise and should consider can sometimes be too high, and some seem obvious while others ignore them until it is too late. This decision should involve the top management, as they will pay for the tools you choose for the team and the project manager. However, some of these questions can easily answer by yourself or your team.

Size and location
Consider the size of your team. Is your team small or big? A small team based at a head office advises using the desktop application. Web-based applications are a great option if your team is located in multiple offices or globally. Team selection will be a better choice because the global distribution will be at a very low cost, and they are easily accessible as long as there is an internet connection.

Installation and access
With web-based applications, there is nothing to worry about installing them on a computer or laptop. These tools can be accessed through an Internet connection. Web-based This is a great advantage because they are independent of most platforms – all you need is a web browser. One drawback of these types of packages is that access to the tool depends on the user’s interaction speed.

As with desktop applications, it requires installation on each team member’s computer or laptop. In general, the overall user experience is greater on desktop applications based on the web when they live within company walls. Speed ​​is high, and it has more functionality out of the box.

One more thing to consider when spending money. It usually depends on the initial investment of the company. Other issues to consider operational support costs and future code upgrades for improvements and issues. If web-based, software manufacturers will change the monthly fee for use, and such hosting will not be on your company’s servers.

Security issues in desktop applications are very limited. One of these is virus attacks because your team only connects when accessing a VPN or in the office. These tools usually have better security because they are self-hosted and can be easily customized if you don’t want users to access confidential data and reports.

The security of web-based applications depends on how well the application works or whether it can provide you with security. Also, you will need to govern the level of accessibility to customers, and they may not be available for such tools as it is difficult to customize if they accept them for each client. Servers encountered because they are experiencing the Internet.

While these are not exhaustive lists, it may be a good start to deciding which application works best for you. It would be appropriate for your team to list your traits, without which your team cannot survive. “Wish list” items are good for breakers but not breakers. With the choice of web or desktop-based application, note that productivity should increase from the beginning of use.

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