Human Resource

We are the Full feature of the box Human Resource software with the flexibility to run speedily for clients’ dimensions. The System would be integrated with a web server environment. A centralized database would be used for synthesizing these schemes, which would be retained in a real IP-based central windows server.

HopeWay Human Resource Management Scheme is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software app that precisely deals with workforce issues. These schemes are frequently combined with other business apps, for example, finance. Over the years handling an association’s human resources has converted more and more complex. This key efficient group must track operative data counting education, job history, abilities, and personal info. For eras, it has been virtually awkward for medium and big organizations to achieve the wealth of human resources data efficiently and proficiently without using PCs. In the previous Human Resource Management System ran on big, central mainframe PCs. Now numerous of these systems are accessible on microcomputers.

The HopeWay Payroll module collects data on workers’ hours worked as well as absences. Depending on its sophistication, this module analyses taxes, as well as other deductions plus, generates a series of worker paychecks, government checks, and various reports. It must apply to the letter centralized, state, municipal tax guidelines, and a series of other methodological documents, counting union and non-union agreements. Certain payroll schemes calculate plus track over time. Numerous of them automatically deposit worker paychecks. Preferably data coming from the payroll module feeds into monetary management systems as well as helps managers create financial decisions.

Human Resource Planning Management Features

Opening Jobs, Getting CVs and Approval Step by Step (Admin, Manager, Head Recruiter, Recruiter)

Machine / Manual Attendance, Absence, Status of All Employee

Auto Calculation / Generate Payslip For all Employee or some, Print Payroll.

Salary Template, Edit Salary Template, Manage Salary, Employee Salary Details/List

Time History
Check Time History of Any Employee and Attendance Report.

Create / Edit / Delete Roles, Allow, Disallow Area just with the check box.

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