Mobile Application Development

People now prefer a mobile app over website apps. Where website apps used to be gold standard nut still know people prefer mobile apps. Now the technology is focusing on expanding and improving mobile apps because of the high demand of people.

Mobile application development is how apps are developed specifically for mobile devices such as personal digital assistants and many more. These mobile applications can be preinstalled during the production process or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing like JavaScript so that the mobile app can provide an experience within the web browser. Application software developers must consider everything like the screen’s size, camera because of the hard competition in the mobile market software. Mobile Application Development is slowly becoming one of the most growing industries in revenue and also jobs created.

Mobile application development is the process that includes writing software for small and wireless devices. Mobile app software is created to take advantage of some particular unique features which mobile device offers. For example, a health app is created to take the benefit of the smartwatch temperature sensor. Just like a gaming app might be created to take advantage of the iPhone accelerator.

At the beginning of the mobile app development, the only way to check that the app had an optimum performance on a mobile device is to develop an app natively. Because of this reason, at a very low level, new code had written specifically for each mobile processor. But now, mobile app development also focuses on building an app that is also device agnostic.

Platforms for mobile application development


IOS is one of the best platforms that had finally bought mobile development into the modern-day, and it is, of course, developed by Apple, and also it seems to be run on Apple devices.

Apple offers many tools to the IOS developers to create an IOS app. but it still is not important to use Apple products during the creation of an app. But it would help if you needed to have a mac running OSX to build your application.


Android is also an important participant in the game. Although launched a year later than the IOS, it has still gained a massive mobile market.

Android has almost 80% shares in the market as compared to IOS has 18% share. But this number is misleading because the Android market has consisted of different devices created by different manufactures.

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