Security Solution For The Website Owners

Protecting websites is an ongoing battle for many website owners, especially when there are so many treacherous viruses and smart tech donkeys on the Internet. Securing your website is not a piece of cake, and many website owners ignore this part. Even if your website does not have a transaction base and is just a general informational site, it can still threaten the web world. Therefore, the owners have to pay special attention to the website’s security instead of making the website work. There are various ways to maintain website security, and one of the most widely accepted mediums is website security audit.

Website security audits examine your website’s pages, applications, and servers to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats to your website’s security that could invite hackers to do some serious harm. The security audit discover all the key security issues of the website, including cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection. It helps you secure the website in the best possible way. The audit method will not hinder visitors from accessing the website. They can easily surf the web page and perform the required activities without any interruption in the audit process.

Many people recommend a third-party security audit on an annual basis, and in many instances, this recommendation is more than enough. This is just the time to look at possible changes between this audit and previous periodic checks. Check from time to time. This will reveal some vulnerabilities in your website’s security, which may extend over some time. Website Security Audit is a fast and simple sensitivity reviewer that accurately identifies your website’s exact weaknesses, classifies each level of threat, and addresses this issue. Will provide the best solution for

Website security audit consists of six easy and simple steps. The weakness diagnosis test begins with a port scan. All services available on all ports of your web server, including FTP, MySQL, and the web, are investigated, and there is no time to detect open ports. After that, a threat scan is performed to identify the services available at each open port. These services and their configurations are matched to a risk-related database for potential detection, and a functional test is performed to determine any existing vulnerabilities.

This is followed by a thorough scan of each web page to identify weak entry points. Detailed information of all the dangers discovered with their severity was provided to the owners. Each of these reports contains some recommendations on how to improve website security. You can guide your staff to the appropriate and safe steps and continue the repair process. Finally, a certificate is provided to the website owners, making the 100% secure tagline look more realistic.

So, if you want to own a completely safe and secure website, a website security audit is the ultimate solution.

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