What is SSL security

SSL Security

You might be having second thoughts about publishing a website online due to all the scams and attacks that occur on many websites. Well, don’t worry about that now. I will tell you how you can save yourself from such incidents.

What is SSL Security?

It is abbreviated as Secure Sockets Layer. It is a standard security protocol used to transfer data online securely from one place to another. It is a very safe tool that almost every individual uses to transfer the data online safely.

It encrypts the data being surfed or transferred online so that hackers cannot steal them. You might have heard of it as an SSL Certificate that many websites provide their hosting packages as we do.

How it works

When you buy a hosting and domain, you have two options by which you can install this SSL Certificate into the website. Firstly, you can download it from the cPanel if your hosting provider gives it to you with the package.

If your host doesn’t provide free SSL, then you can download it for free. Go into the plugins tab and write SSL. You’ll see a free SSL certificate. Download it, and you are done.

We need a secure place where people can also add sensitive information. That information is then encrypted and transferred over the network without the fear of it being hacked. 

The SSL Certificate not only boosts the audience trust; it also improves your rankings. So always install an SSL when you launch your website. The HTTP status transfers to HTTPS, showing that your website is protected.


The only major difference between them is the change of ownership. The SSL was last updated in 1996, but TLS is up to date and is used by a wide range of websites. They both have very close definitions and functions.

Levels of SSL

The SSL Certificate has three validation levels that are:

  1.  Domain Validation: 

This is the least strict level of validation and the cheapest. All a business has to do is prove they control the domain.

  •  Organization Validation: 

This is a more hands-on process: The CA directly contacts the person or business requesting the certificate. These certificates are more trustworthy for users.

  •  Extended Validation: 

This requires a full background check of an organization before the SSL certificate can be issued.


1. How to know that a website has SSL installed?

Type your domain URL with HTTPS to see if the certificate is installed or not.

2. Is SSL Compatible with all devices?

Yes, the SSL creates a private session for the visitor and website over the internet so that they both can easily access the information.

3. Can SSL be hacked?

The chances of this happening are meager as it provides a very secure connection that the hackers cannot access.

Final Thoughts

As you may know now what SSL is and how it makes your website secure, then go and implement it on your websites to make them secure for the audience and for yourself too.

In case of any help, then you know to email us at support@unique-star.net, and we will surely solve your problem.

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